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Who is she? Requests Candydollchan
File: 148309568142.jpg - ( 145.31KB , 680x1024 , juliya r maid.jpg )
4987 No. 4987
Does anyone know who this model is? Is there a set and a video of this photoshoot?

>> No. 5033
Is it juliya R?
I just looked at the filename lol

>> No. 5042

Well, I saw that file name last week when OP posted the image - but it sure doesn't look like anything that Candydoll Juliya R ever did (plus doesn't really look like her either).

>> No. 5045
That's the name I have for her but I don't know if that is correct but it kind of looks like her. Candydoll doesn't list this french maid set for Juliya R that I have ever been able to find or confirm.

This is the only picture I've ever seen of this photoshoot and it has another website name on it and not Candydoll but I'm not sure if that website name is correct either.

>> No. 5050
>> 5045

Like I said, it looks nothing like CD Juliya R. She was a brunette, and it looks like this girl is not wearing a wig.

Plus, I don't recall any of the CD shoots having that furniture or painting in the background. He name appears to just be coincidence.

>> No. 5057
Just go by the logo you have on that picture and search in wayback ... her name is Maridah, cosplay performer from Pennsylvania. Not the slightest relation to candydoll.

>> No. 5058
File: 148381526486.jpg - ( 306.97KB , 1024x680 , Saber-13-of-23.jpg )
Forgot to attach a pic ... that's her isn't it?

>> No. 5060
i agree defo not CD Juliya R nice saber cosplay tho

>> No. 5064

I reverse searched OP's pic at Tineye and got some Japanese image board links and a defunct DeviantArt webpage. Some had the word "Maridah" in the description, but couldn't tell if that was a persons name or a Cosplay character LOL Thanks for verifying.

I didn't even notice the watermark. Hidden in there pretty well!

>> No. 5078
I'm the O.P. of this thread and I want to thank everyone for their replies.

It turns out that she isn't a Candydoll after all. I wasn't sure if she was or not and now I know.

Candydoll Juliya R. has done some cosplay shoots where she wears a blonde wig and that is what confused me with this french maid shoot and made me think this might possibly be her.

>> No. 5107
File: 148434952142.jpg - ( 118.04KB , 621x1000 , MaidSaber_17_of_17.jpg )
It's not related to CD. Just another normal cosplay set:

>> No. 5110
Thanks for that picture and information.

>> No. 5114

>It's not related to CD

lol that was figured out last week...

We are moving all the content from this site to MODEL BLOG, for better browsing and search functions.
Also, we have opened a new /candydoll/ board on Sharechan. See you there! :)

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