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Fill Up Thread Requests Candydollchan
File: 148208301494.jpg - ( 1.96MB , 3594x1778 , Gandydoll Collection.jpg )
4953 No. 4953
WeLoveCandydoll! need your help.
This is a list of Missing Sets and Vids from Candydoll. Update
Please Help to Fill Up in this Thread.

AngelikaL Vids 11,12
AnjericaC Sets15 and VIP Sets 1,2
VIP Vid 1
AnnaT Sets/Vids 5,6
AshleyS Set 5
BellaK Vid 27, 28, 44, 47 and VIP Vids 7-13 15-17
ElisaM Vids 11-15
ElizabethS Set 12
ElonaV Set 21, 23, 27 ,29 , 30
Vid 21, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29 VIP Vid 8
HannaF Vids 24-26 and VIP Vids 9
IsabellaB Vids 1-9
JessicaC Vids 16-18 and VIP Vids 2
KaterynaV Vid 5
KatieM VIP Set 6 10-12
Vid 61 and VIP Vids 6-11
LiliyaY Vid 43
MarinaT Vids 12-15 and VIP Vids 1-6
MashaP Sets 10,11
Vid 6-11
MashaS Vids 7
MilaL VIP Sets 1
Vid 1-4
MilenaS Vids 1-5
MonikaD Vids 1-9
NikaV Set/Vid 2
OlesyaZ Sets 9-13
Vids 7-11
OlgaS Set/Vid 4
OlhaD Set/Vid 4
SarahK Sets 11-13
Vids 9-12
SashaD Set/Vid 9
SofieE VIP Vid 3
SuisanA VIP Vids 1-3
ValeriyaL Set/Vid 6
VikaZ Vids 40-43
YulianaA Vids 8
ZiliyaK Vid 6 and VIP Vid 1

>> No. 4958
PS: Set AnastasiaS07 is missing.

>> No. 4961
"WeLoveCandydoll! need your help"
Well how about you start by helping yourself by looking in cd downloads section i know for a fact that there are BellaK videos there, i like yourself, cant be bothered to look to see what other sets/vids might be there.However if i needed a certain set/vid i would look first and not have the board clogged with repeat sets/vids

>> No. 4966
Sorry I don´t notice the Post in the CD Download section. I have download the missing Vids now. But BellaK47Vid is missing.

>> No. 4967
This is getting old.

Asks for material that does't exist, even though told already.

He never wants to look through existing threads himself in CD Downloads - expects us to search for him.

>> No. 4971
AlissaP vip set/vid 1-19 is missing

>> No. 4972
AlissaP is Complete in my Mega-Thread including VIP Sets/Vids look here: http://www.candydollchan.org/downloads/res/4727.html#i4727 >>6230

We are moving all the content from this site to MODEL BLOG, for better browsing and search functions.
Also, we have opened a new /candydoll/ board on Sharechan. See you there! :)

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