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Thanksgiving present Requests Candydollchan
File: 14799366085.jpg - ( 127.58KB , 1279x1914 , 146772395690.jpg )
4798 No. 4798
If anyone can share or point me in the right direction to get the Daria Silver sets: Striped 1, Cheergirl, Blue Dress, or any of her new Fashion Land sets... it would be the best thanksgiving ever!

>> No. 4814
+1 and bump

>> No. 4815
I think that there is a thread for Silver and TMTV models in the "other agencies" section. There are a couple of Daria posts in that thread.

Don't bother begging for FL sets though. Subscribers don't want to be blacklisted for sharing them for free.

>> No. 4816
File: 14800659371.jpg - ( 340.00KB , 1333x1991 , daria_m_model_bluedress_teenmodeling_tv_129.jpg )
I have these links from the previous request

Striped 1 http://debfile.com/ch4q5ugo0cd5

pt1 http://debfile.com/guq2yk3ag6te
pt2 http://debfile.com/37w5gh8992w4

Blue Dress http://debfile.com/jr35n6r6e3nr

PW = VKv77

>> No. 4817
Thank you!!!

I couldn't find these sets in the other models section, or anywhere else. Are there other sets there? If so, please share a link to the post.

The only working links to Daria sets I did find was the Jeanskirt TMTV and Posh TMTV here:

>> No. 4818
>>4815 here. Strange, I can't find the big Silver/TMTV thread that was over at Sharechan. I saw it last night, but the Daria posts were gone. Today, the entire thread is gone.

It had multiple Daria set links, using Clicknupload and Dailyuploads. The password was "D(ar+ia". I had copied all of the links last week, and tried to repost the links for OP in this thread last night, but got banned for spamming. If OP needs any of her other sets, I'll try to post the links again.

>> No. 4819
Never mind, I found the thread again, plus another one here at CDchan which the same poster started. I just wish that the Daria posts weren't deleted... =/



Would you also happen to have these original size Daria sets? The posts were deleted before I could DL them.

Daria Longflowerjumper tmtv
Daria NeonSkinnies tmtv
Daria PurpleDress tmtv
Daria Roses tmtv
Daria SparkleMini tmtv
Daria Sporty tmtv
Daria WhiteDress tmtv
Daria WhiteMini tmtv

>> No. 4831

I've only got Neon Skinnies in original quality

Part 1: https://clicknupload.link/npyqrgz8q35s
Part 2: https://clicknupload.link/g7max4bgchim

>> No. 4839

>>4819 here. Not sure if you meant to direct your post to me instead of OP (he didn't ask for that set). but appreciate your share! Thanks! =^D

>> No. 4853
File: 148048650281.jpg - ( 1.11MB , 1920x1080 , omg daria is so cute.jpg )
Hello I stumbled across this thread and Daria is truly a gift from the gods.

Do you need more friend?

I have 47 sets and 2 videos

>> No. 4855
File: 148053618532.jpg - ( 669.55KB , 1349x6294 , teenmofkf.jpg )
<< TMTV Index

TMTV Brown Mini - in original quality?
I have 139 pics 28.6 MB

>> No. 4857

Do you have her original (large sized) sets? Large files don't bother me. I don't like the recompressed unoriginal sets that have been floating around and most of what I'm looking for are originals to replace the smaller ones.

Here are the TMTV sets I'm looking for:


And Silver Stars:

Fashion 1
Fashion 2
Redress 2
Silver Shorts 1

But anything that you want to share will probably be appreciated here. She is very popular. =)

>> No. 4858
Yes please

>> No. 4925
more daria

>> No. 5051
File: 148377055877.jpg - ( 379.79KB , 1000x1400 , Cover.jpg )
Daria - Silver Shorts


>> No. 5055
Thanks for the silver shorts set! I just found some other sets have been posted here:


>> No. 5066

That's only a few of her sets. There's a better thread than that, here and at Sharechan. OP has posted almost all of her Silver and TMTV sets.

We are moving all the content from this site to MODEL BLOG, for better browsing and search functions.
Also, we have opened a new /candydoll/ board on Sharechan. See you there! :)

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