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Requests - Candydollchan
File: 148084643744.jpg - ( 149.85KB , 1200x1200 , 147784460087.jpg )
4881 No. 4881 hide [Reply]
Hi, can someone post her sets if you have? Thank you.

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>> No. 5136
# Why the hell are there identical requests for this model on page 1 of this section?

Just a thought but sometimes when someone new comes here they may not realize it takes 24 hours for a post to appear so they send another.

I know I did this myself a long time ago (insert blushing emoji here)

>> No. 5144

But this thread was posted weeks before the other one. So the other OP didn't make the effort of looking through the other posts to see that the request had already been made. There's only 4 pages in this section. So no excuse to not look before posting.

Regardless, mod deleted the other thread, so case is closed. =)

>> No. 5149
Okay, just found a THIRD thread started in October with the same image and same request. Are people really that lazy???

File: 148430195555.jpg - ( 315.89KB , 1920x2560 , 830888120_Set02_001_122_260lo.jpg )
5105 No. 5105 hide [Reply]

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>> No. 5131
"According to the old archive of the site"

where can I find that old archive?

>> No. 5147

Just use the payback machine at archive for org. Do a search for teen-portraits dot net. Look back into the 2008 and you'll get a few archived pages, but not a lot. Merry is one of the 3 models in the main site banner.

>> No. 5148
Me again. Sorry, but my spellcheck changed some words ad I didn't notice the changes until I clicked reply.

payback = wayback

for = dot

Maybe more words as well. I need to disable it haha

File: 148361036229.jpg - ( 630.91KB , 2006x3000 , 62299103_eva_model_c'estchicp.jpg )
5031 No. 5031 hide [Reply]
I found this Eva's pic but I do not find the full set. Can someone help me?

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>> No. 5122
password doesnt work ive tried

>> No. 5130
Wouldn't bother - it's some resized stuff anyway. Only a third of original file size.

>> No. 5133
File: 14846844013.jpg - ( 2.19MB , 2675x4000 , eva_model_c'estchic_teenmodeling_tv_044.jpg )
Not the OP, but password is eva
Not capitalized. Just a simple typo or oversight.

It would be nice if elitist such as yourself would upload an alternative rather than bash other people who do upload.
The set is compressed but otherwise fine.
106 pics (2675X4000)

File: 148183755649.jpg - ( 649.45KB , 2592x1728 , 56274520438925.jpg )
4934 No. 4934 hide [Reply]
who is this girl and does anyone have all her sets or at least this set? Thx

>> No. 4941
Cristina and I know some have been posted at sharechan
Not my cup so don't have anything at all......

>> No. 5150
bump! Anyone have the set? ^^

File: 148467889778.jpg - ( 172.56KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_2423.jpg )
5132 No. 5132 hide [Reply]
Can anyone help me to find fresh news about this gorgeous girl...
Please post recent pics and links

>> No. 5146
Sigh... there are at least 4 Vladmodel threads going on at Sharechan. If she hasn't been posted in any of those threads, just ask the OP in those threads.

File: 148469739996.jpg - ( 41.53KB , 500x375 , sandi-model_1_f2b8802179c89596b6048175a1e5aec6.jpg )
5135 No. 5135 hide [Reply]
Does anyone have Sandi Model sets?

>> No. 5145

There is a huge Sandi thread that's been running for a few months now over at Sharechan.

File: 148309568142.jpg - ( 145.31KB , 680x1024 , juliya r maid.jpg )
4987 No. 4987 hide [Reply]
Does anyone know who this model is? Is there a set and a video of this photoshoot?

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>> No. 5107
File: 148434952142.jpg - ( 118.04KB , 621x1000 , MaidSaber_17_of_17.jpg )
It's not related to CD. Just another normal cosplay set:

>> No. 5110
Thanks for that picture and information.

>> No. 5114

>It's not related to CD

lol that was figured out last week...

File: 148473548796.jpg - ( 6.93KB , 112x168 , starlola-321-001_small.jpg )
5141 No. 5141 hide [Reply]
Could some kind soul please post Newstar Lola set 321? I checked all the ''other'' sites that have NS models, and none have this set. it would be appreciated. thanx.

File: 148021899655.jpg - ( 1.07MB , 3000x2000 , candy_64049.jpg )
4824 No. 4824 hide [Reply]
Someone have this set to share?

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>> No. 4879
Thanks from me too! :-)


>> No. 4912
Who is the pretty little girl in the green dress?

She is very cute & sweet - I would love to see more!

>> No. 5137
# Who is the pretty little girl in the green dress?

Sorry she was just a pic I found by accident. No idea who she is.

File: 148433002496.jpg - ( 167.77KB , 1200x1800 , 33660168_vip_bellak07_019.jpg )
5106 No. 5106 hide [Reply]

>> No. 5124

Pass: BellaK

>> No. 5138
hi the pass word didnt work.

We are moving all the content from this site to MODEL BLOG, for better browsing and search functions.
Also, we have opened a new /candydoll/ board on Sharechan. See you there! :)

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