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File: 146645689695.jpg - ( 1.04MB , 2000x3000 , tru_285_04003_jpg.jpg )
5032 No. 5032
Picture Sets and Vids

All links in a .txt file.


Pass: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 5045

first time ever I actually get a virus warning when trying to download the .7z archive

>> No. 5057
Sorry I have forgot 226-254.
Complete file here.


Pass: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 5068
If you're using Firefox, you must know that this browser have this kind of problem if you try download .7z files from Zippyshare and Ge.tt even when the file don't contains any menace. The motive is a mistery. But you can simply unlock the file after the download.

>> No. 5101
Well.. I still maintain a VIRUS ALERT.

I cant use firefox with mirrorcreator links as even with deactiveted spam blocker it somehow never gets me to the page (zippyshare) and i'm sick of closing 99 tabs and windows.

I actually used CHROME for this and the download is blocked NOT by the browser but by antivirus software:
if that helps any :D

I'm NOT going to try out if this is a false positive.

>> No. 5103
can't DL 190

>> No. 5104
can't dl 190

>> No. 5105
Yes, I can understand why you're too worried. But as I said before, sometimes the browsers(mainly Firefox) can open the warning message for a file without any menace. Notice that the own Ge.tt is featuring currently a message talking about problems like these. Some weeks ago, I did several downloads in the "old TRU thread". and many multi-parts files were marked as being "malware" by the browser security and safe by the anti-virus(Kaspesky). In your case, you said that was your anti-virus. I'm not sure, but if you uses a sync between antiv-virus and browser, the own browser will pass this kind of information for her security/virus database and the file will be considered a "virus", even being only a common file. Will be good if someone come to give a conclusive opinion/tip about it...

>> No. 5107
99 tabs and windows????

Never seen more than 3 from mirrorcreator using Opera with no blockers.

You sure youre not infected with something already?

>> No. 5118
Everything is normal, except 190 part2

>> No. 5122
Here the file. ;)
You must download Part1 again.
http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/k3ywLugs/file.html Part1
http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/9nPTrxjO/file.html Part2

Pass: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 5137
Can you tell me the name of the model that is in the picture above?
Someone who can share some sets her? Perhaps in the same way that was shared 190_POLY in zippyshare.
Thank you

>> No. 5333
Pass: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 5342
What is the girls name from the picture?

>> No. 5345
The name of this lovely girl is JADE. :)

>> No. 5366
do you have WeAreLittleStars (WALS) ?

>> No. 5411
Can anyone share some sets of JADE? The model picture above, please.
Thank you.

>> No. 5412
Sorry sorry guys. Already i found JADE. I am a fool.
Thank you for all the work and time to share!

>> No. 7347
File: 147295478598.jpg - ( 242.44KB , 729x1296 , 1.jpg )
A sincere and huge THANKS for the single best post
I have ever seen. Your time & effort here are

jdi out

>> No. 8443
File: 147637857852.jpg - ( 298.68KB , 1296x1944 , Lgh_275_05002.jpg )
Zippysahre is best for up- and download files.

I never had any problems about virus.

Larger than 200 MB files make parts:

199229440 Bytes = 190 MB

>> No. 8527
Can you tell Who the girl is in this picture?

>> No. 8625
please who are these to models in the bikinis. thanks

We are moving all the content from this site to MODEL BLOG, for better browsing and search functions.
Also, we have opened a new /candydoll/ board on Sharechan. See you there! :)

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